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You can also find parts for Lepton Systems products on our electronic parts finder by just typing in 'Lepton'. All other brands are auto-detected and listed in alphabetical order. Highly compact, easy to use and convenient to mount on any flat surface, this compact portable temperature measurement system is perfect for fixed indoor measurements. This product is a direct replacement for the Lepton Ultralight, making a useful and attractive weatherproof product. New features include an integrated temperature and humidity sensor, advanced sensor calibration method for better performance, internal FLIR camera, wireless touch display and battery operation (uses three AAA batteries). Available in the following models: Lepton iR-700-1 Tough industrial-grade TOUGH system that is built to work with your application needs. Ideal for air, liquid and temperature measurements in chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and medical applications. FLIR T3000 Touch Display Measurements Ultra-fast, easy to use, pocket-sized thermal imager - ideal for mobile, handheld or portable applications. This innovative, easy-to-use thermal imager features an intuitive user interface, built-in power and memory, and compatibility with FLIR technology. Innovative FLIR T3000 Thermal Imaging Camera, ideal for handheld, mobile, and portable applications. NanoMOS NanoMOS™, in partnership with FLIR, is a leader in high-quality, field-proven imaging solutions for thermal imaging applications. NanoMOS products can be found in a variety of commercial and industrial thermal imaging and night vision systems worldwide. A digital camera, a thermal imager, a microwave oven, a refrigerator and a thermal imaging-enabled navigation system have just been joined together to create one incredible “thermal box” that measures temperature in many innovative ways. FLIR Lepton iR-700-1 Lepton iR-700-1 Unique application designed for the measurement of the absolute temperature of materials




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Freemake Video Downloader Crack Serial.rar

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